• January 24th, 2019
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Goagoses awaits judgement six years on


Windhoek Murder accused Laimi Goagoses still has a long way to go before her fate is decided. Goagoses, who is accused of killing her boyfriend six years ago, stood in court yesterday on a murder charge. However, Goagoses still has to wait for judgement as her trial has only been heard partially in the long wait of six years. It is alleged that six years ago on December 23, 2009, Goagoses allegedly fatally stabbed her boyfriend Horst Radecke seventeen times. Goagoses and the deceased were apparently out all day drinking and got home at around 18h00 on that fateful evening. Upon their arrival at their home at Erf 3293, Tempel Street, Dolam, in Katutura an argument erupted between the two. According to the police docket the fight between the two turned violent when the deceased started slapping and kicking the accused. The accused Goagoses apparently ran to the kitchen, grabbed a bread knife and stormed back to the bedroom where she left the deceased with an intent to stab him. The police officers that arrived at the scene on the day of the incident allegedly found the accused Goagoses on top of the deceased holding a knife and at the same time shaking his lifeless body. Goagoses informed the court that she was simply trying to establish whether the victim was alive. But the investigation revealed that the accused Goagoses used three bread knives to inflict seventeen stab wounds which caused the deceased to bleed to death. Goagoses explained to the court that she could not remember the events that led to the fight – all she could recall was the presence of the police removing her from the scene. It was reported there was nobody at home apart from the victim and the accused during the time of the incident. In May 2012, the accused’s lawyer Titus Mbaeva requested the court to allow his client to undergo psychiatric evaluation, claiming his client was not of sound mind when she committed the crime. However, on December 8 that same year Mbaeva informed the court that his client wished to abandon the formal application for mental observation. “My client is very frustrated and tired of waiting,” explained Mbaeva, adding that his client was told to wait several times at hospital and the observation was never done on all those occasions. Magistrate Velikoshi Ileni Tungweni postponed the case to January 20, 2017 for the finalization of trial. The state is being represented by Geogitte Kathja Losper.
New Era Reporter
2016-12-07 10:09:37 2 years ago

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