• January 23rd, 2019
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Outcry over multiple land allocations


Oshakati The Oshakati Town Council has come under public scrutiny for suspicious land allocations to certain individuals during its last meeting held on November 30 - among them multiple landowners. Those who got plots this time around include Councillor Gabriel Eelu Kamwanka, who is the chairperson of the council’s management committee and land committee at the town. Kamwanka got erf 108 measuring 8 703 square metres, which is equivalent to a sports field, to construct a guesthouse and markets. Although Kamwanka has several other business plots at the town, acting chief executive officer Kornelius Kapolo came out in defence that he (Kamwanka) does not have any business in the formal area. Kapolo is the manager of public health and environment. “He has been an applicant since February 2014 and we have been allocating plots to other people, but now that we have allocated plots to insiders it has become a public outcry,” stated Kapolo. “I am not the acting CEO and I am not the council’s spokesperson. Please call the office,” said Kamwanka when contacted for comment. Kapolo also defended the Governor of Oshana Region, Clemens Kashuupulwa, who got 4 167 square metres to construct flats. He said the governor is a first-time plot owner and does not have any business plot at the town. The governor could not be reached for comment. Also under scrutiny is the town council’s manager for finance and asset management Damian Hamunyela, whom council recommended to get another plot, despite having sold his previous plot he acquired from council. The allocation of a plot to him and two others come at the expense of two other council employees who were refused plots because they are not first-time owners and their spouses own houses at the town. However, Kapolo said Hamunyela got a second plot from the council because he allegedly sold his plot as the bank could previously not finance him. “He got a plot in 2006, and council understands he disposed of the plot of 10 years back hence council decided to give him a plot,” said Kapolo. The recommendations were made at a council meeting held on November 30. New Era is possession of a copy of the ordinary council meeting document. Mayor at the time Katrina Shimbulu brushed off what many termed to be an irregularity of dishing out land within the town council. Shimbulu said she was not part of the meeting that drew up the recommendations or the agenda. According to Shimbulu she only joined to chair the meeting on November 30, however, when she questioned the plot allocation of Hamunyela she was attacked and left the meeting to the deputy mayor Ndamononghenda Hamunyela to chair further. “And I only returned to be told that Hamunyela was given a plot,” said Shimbulu. Hamunyela is the son of the deputy mayor. The deputy mayor refused to answer to whether she chaired that meeting as alleged by those not amused by the land allocations. “Why are you asking me about Damian (Hamunyela)? Call the office if you want details. I am not a mayor I don’t chair meetings,” said deputy mayor Hamunyela before she hung up the phone abruptly. Other council employees who also got plots are the deputy director for infrastructure and technical services who was allocated 2 663 square metres to build a complex, DTA councillor Linus Tobias who got a 510-square metre residential plot at Ekuku and Simon Oshondili who got a 387-square metre residential plot at Ekuku Extension 2. Kapolo said council allocated about 1 300 new plots at the town. Kapolo further said the names will soon be placed in newspapers and he appealed to those with objections to come forward.
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2016-12-08 09:39:03 2 years ago

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