• January 24th, 2019
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Women urged to empower each other


Walvis Bay Walvis Bay businesswoman Claudia Lofty-Eaton has urged women in law enforcement to become more actively involved in upliftment projects for the advancement of women, especially those in male-dominant industries. Lofty-Eaton was speaking at the first-ever women in law enforcement conference that was held at Walvis Bay on Tuesday by the Erongo Police Women Network. It was attended by 200 women from across the country. The participants were drawn from various government ministries such as the Namibian Defence Force, Nampol, Namibia Correctional Services, Roads Authority, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration as well as the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET). Lofty-Eaton, who was appointed as the patron of the Erongo Police Women Network, said it is of utmost importance for women, especially in law enforcement agencies, to become involved in such movements to pave the way for the younger generation. “Women in uniform have shown great courage and have conquered the male-dominant world already as they are the backbone of Namibian security. However, how we assist those that will follow in our footsteps is of importance now. Therefore, we must join such networks and roll out our success stories for them to take up the same challenges and turn them into success stories that can motivate other women, ” she said. She implored women to always surround themselves with success and work together also to provide less fortunate women with skills and tools for empowerment. “Be ambitious and success-driven, but be a mother and wife at the same time,” she said. She further urged them to support each other and give guidance to other women by devising programmes that would allow women to become independent and successful. “We should advocate and look at issues that affect women in our neighbourhoods and give guidance and protection if necessary,” she said. Commissioner Anna-Marie Nainda, the chairperson of the Namibian Police Force Women’s Network, said the organisation is aimed at promoting and enhancing women’s participation in safety and security. She said the network was created to enhance cooperation and share expertise and challenges experienced in the police services. “The network aims to uplift female Nampol officers and advocate equal representation, development and training, while at the same time encourage women to take part in peace-keeping missions,” she said.
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2016-12-08 09:54:14 2 years ago

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