• January 23rd, 2019
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Festival goers impressed by cultural diversity


Katima Mulilo The National Arts and Culture Festival which ran over the past week has left a inerasable stamp on the spectators exposed to the amazing cultural diversity the country has to offer. From day one Katima Mulilo Sports Stadium was fully packed as residents flocked to the entertainment centre to catch a glimpse of the auspicious dances and performances of various cultural groups and artists from the country’s 14 regions. To some spectators it was amazing as it was the first time they were exposed to different cultural attire, performances and norms. “If I’m not wrong this is the first time this event has been hosted in Zambezi Region and it is indeed a great exposure for all of us, as we are learning from each other. Some of our children have never seen a Himba, but today they have seen a Himba. It is really amazing,” said Fidelis Likando, one of the spectators. Likando added that although he visited the entertainment area from day two, he didn’t miss a day from there on, as he couldn’t afford to miss the eye-catching performances from various regional groups. He was also of the opinion that despite modern influences, culture remains a source of identity in many Namibian households. “This is a very important event, especially for our young people and it is a clear indication that culture still exists in our country. We are who we are because of culture and we should always do whatever it takes to maintain that,” he said. Another spectator, Michael Sikwana, who attended the proceedings from day one, could not contain his excitement. “This is a good thing; a lot of groups have performed exceptionally well. You can’t choose which group is better than the other, as each group has it is own way of doing things,” he said.
New Era Reporter
2016-12-12 11:11:40 2 years ago

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