• October 18th, 2018
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Equestrian sport comes of age… Shen Yang sets the scene alight in Rehoboth

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Sport, Sports

Rehoboth Artheroyal did not disappoint his bosses as he galloped his way to first place in the Maidens 1000m sprint at the annual Tobie van Wyk Race Day in Rehoboth last weekend. The horse from Angermund Racing stable crossed the line ahead of Famous Grouse and Vollerra, both from the Alberts stable, in 2nd and 3rd places respectively in the first race of the day Race two saw Shen Yang of Pieter Angermund show his competitors a clean pair of hooves in the graduation 1000m sprint - leaving Christian Freygang-Diergaardt’s pair of horses Dynamic Affair and Wind Goddes to pick up the pieces for 2nd and 3rd places respectively. Kings Kitten lived up to his name by clinching the D Division 1000m sprint ahead of Kai Freygang’s Master Chi and Proud as Punch of M. de Waal. In the A Division 1000m sprint, it was Rosegold tailed by Suit of Lights and Lithenite, in that order, while Falcons Grouse edged ahead of Vollerra and Wow in the Now to clinch first place in the Maidens 1800m. In the meantime, Shen Yang returned to action and showed that his earlier victory in the 1000m sprint was no fluke when the Pieter Angermund thoroughbred triumphed in the Graduation 1800m race ahead of Heel against the Head and Dynamic Affair. Other results were as follows: Race Seven 7 - D Division 1 Nababeep - Angermund Racing 2 Kings Kitten - Christians Freygang Diergaardt 3 Proud as Punch - M. de Waal Race Eight 8 - Seven Stars Tobie Van Wyk Handicap A Division 2200m 1 Mai Taiga - Kariko Racing 2 Shadaloo - Timo Munjue & Sons 3 Castle Rock - Christians Freygang Diergaardt
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