• October 20th, 2018
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From constable to law graduate


Windhoek Namibian police spokesperson Inspector Slogan Matheus has resigned from the police force. His last working day will be on December 30. Matheus, who completed his LLB Honours degree at University of Namibia (Unam) this year might be pursuing academic studies abroad next year, amongst others. Matheus completed his B-Juris Law degree at Unam in 2013. Reminiscing on his career in the force, Matheus recalled that he started as a constable in the charge office at Oshakati police station in 2001. “I was later appointed as regional spokesperson in 2005 until I was transferred to Windhoek in the division of public relations in 2011, where I worked until present,” he remarked. Asked what he loved about his work as a law enforcement officer, Matheus said although court is the best place to solve problems, he loved bringing people together to discuss their issues and reach an amicable solution. “Only when negotiations can’t reach a solution, then we take it further to court to pursue justice,” says the law graduate. A statement issued by head of the Namibian Police Public Relations Division, Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi, said the police force values Matheus’ contribution to the prevention and combating of crime and wished Matheus all the best in his future endeavours.
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