• October 18th, 2018
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Kinda climbs bare-knuckle into Hijarunguru… accuses boxing boss of foul play

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Sport, Sports

Windhoek In what could easily be construed as the lowest and most unprofessional blow on his part, the often-controversial chairperson of the Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWCB) Ellison Hijarunguru again stands accused of mudslinging. Local boxing promoter Kinda Nangolo is a furious man and his temper is fused by what he terms the ‘unprovoked and childish’ utterances made by Hijarunguru about his persona. New Era Sport is in possession of text messages sent by Hijarunguru to South African world-acclaimed boxing guru Stan Christodoulou, in which Hijarunguru ridicules the persona of Nangolo. Christodoulou is the current WBA vice-president for Africa. In one of the damning text messages seen my New Era Sport - although it is not so clear as to where the conversation actually started - Hijarunguru wrote to Christodoulou: “Kinda is a confused element, he doesn’t have a sponsor nor has money. He just pretends, but will update you...As far as the seminars go, I’m waiting from our ministry to approve the provisional budget we have requested. Hopefully, they will do it the soonest and I’ll keep you posted.” Nangolo has been having sleepless nights over what he says is an unprovoked personal attack by Hijarunguru and further shot back: “Those text messages are a clear indication that he (Hijarunguru) is busy with foul play by making himself guilty of unprofessional conduct, obviously with the ultimate aim to sabotage me and our event to the highest order.” A fuming Nangolo continued: “I’m shocked that somebody who is appointed to encourage the promotion of boxing in the country would stoop so low to feed his own personal vengeance against Kinda Promotions.” Nangolo says it is now clear why the boxing control board is refusing to sanction his planned title fight slated for the 16th of this month featuring his protégé Anthony Jarman defending his WBA Pan African title. “How can one have confidence in the chairperson if he behaves in such an unflattering manner? In view of that, I would like to call upon the entire boxing fraternity and our leaders in sport to come to our rescue because you cannot lead with an agenda to destroy others,” seethed Nangolo before calling on Hijarunguru’s fellow board members to call their colleague to order. Furthermore, Nangolo says the board under the stewardship of Hijarunguru was economical with the truth in that it sanctioned a recent boxing fight under the banner of Salute Boxing Academy. “We are well aware that that particular boxing event was given preferential treatment as they were allowed to cough up the shortfall of the required amount only on the Friday before the fight.” “This is not hearsay – we have concrete proof and Hijarunguru’s fellow board members are well aware of this. Whoever wants to dispute our claim, let them show proof as to when the money was deposited. This man will drag Namibian boxing down the drain if the honourable Minister does not intervene by doing the right thing and recalls him,” he added. Nangolo vehemently claims Hijarunguru is pushing a vendetta against him because of an outstanding large chunk of money (N$79 000) owed to him by Hijarunguru, which he claims Hijarunguru has so far refused to settle. Contacted for comment yesterday, Hijarunguru vehemently rubbished Nangolo’s claims that he has a personal agenda, saying that when he referred to Nangolo as a ‘confused element’ it was merely based on his conversation with Christodoulou regarding the sanctioning of Nangolo’s upcoming boxing event and not his persona. “When I said Nangolo is a confused element I was not attacking his persona but I was condemning his claims that we (the board) had already sanctioned his December 16 boxing bonanza - because that is what he (Nangolo) told Christodoulou and he was lying because we haven’t sanctioned any fight at all. As far as the N$79 000 he claims I owe him, I won’t bother to comment on that because I sued him over those claims and my lawyers are busy with the matter.”
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