• October 18th, 2018
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Ongandjera, Uukwambi lock horns over land

National, Front Page News
National, Front Page News

Etunda The Omusati Region has established a committee to oversee the ongoing border dispute between the Ongandjera and Uukwambi traditional authorities to ensure a permanent amicable solution. A land dispute is rife at Ondjungulume village where the two traditional authorities converge. The dispute, which dates back to 2014, was halted by the then governor of Omusati Region Sophia Shaningwa who is now the Minister of Urban and Rural Development. However, disagreements erupted again last year resulting in the latest intervention. Omusati Governor Erginus Endjala revealed the latest developments on the issue while briefing Vice-President Dr Nickey Iyambo during his visit to the region. According to Endjala, past tribal disputes have caused conflict between the two traditional authorities. However, the governor said there have not been any damage of properties and personal attacks on individuals recently. In the quest to find an amicable solution the region has halted the allocation of plots at Ondjungulume until consensus is reached between the two authorities. According to Endjala the established committee comprises of people from both the Ongandjera and Uukwambi traditional authorities and is tasked to ensure the borders are well mapped out. “We might even have to go back to ask the people who led us in the past to help identify the correct borders,” said Endjala who is the chairperson of the committee tasked with finding a solution. The governor fears that if the issue is not handled properly it may trigger permanent tension. He said the situation was discussed at various government offices until it was eventually referred to regional political level. According to the governor, the disputes are said to have started when individuals started settling at Ondjungulume. In 2015, two pensioners from the same village were arrested for allegedly removing fencing from one of the crop fields. At the time of their arrest the Uukwambi Traditional Authority allegedly claimed Ondjungulume village falls under its jurisdiction and that those whose fences were removed had settled there illegally.
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