• September 19th, 2018
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Christmas about more than foods and drinks

Special Focus
Special Focus

Ongwediva Ordained Anglican Priest Lukas Katenda says while there is an element of feasting, for truly confessional Christians, Christmas is more a heart issue than it is about good food and drinks. “Christmas is not just an event or a moment to be commemorated and celebrated, but a new life experience to be cherished all the days of our lives,” Katenda emphasised. In his view Christmas is about the restoration of the relationship between God and the people and people to God, and more so, the end of mortality and acquisition of immortal beings when leaving the world. He adds that Christmas must be a season in which people have rest from toil and tribulations and from the effect of sin and pollution of sin. “If that is not the case and Christmas is reduced to an event or moment then people might celebrate if for a moment, then fall back into brokenness,” Katenda views. He says the four Sundays preceding December 25 are dedicated to the Advent season, a Latin word meaning “the coming or arrival”. The four Sundays remind Christians of the past and present sinful nature, as well the need for God’s grace, which prompted him to act decisively against sin and death replacing it with righteousness and life in Jesus Christ. Katenda further adds that from Christmas Eve right through to the Epiphany feast, as well as the subsequent Sundays, are days dedicated to celebration as opposed to other seasons. “Our celebration is rooted in an understanding that we, as Christians, were dead in our sins and transgressions, but God gave us life in Jesus Christ,” he says, further pointing out that there are worship services in which an event or a moment is not celebrated, but a phenomenon relating to the human’s future and life beyond the blue. In addition, the church ensures the season is joyous through preaching the message of salvation and freedom from bondage of sin and death, more especially eternal death and hell. “Of course not all will be joyous to this message, because it is also a time of demanding justice but let justice roll down like the waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream, says Katenda, quoting Amos 5:24. Thus Christmas calls for justice at all levels of the society, citing that those who perpetuate injustice will be rebuked and chastised and for those Christmas might be a bad day and a bad season. The day has been celebrated for at least 2000 years, giving birth to a new order of worship, religion and life among many nations around the globe. He said the festive season is thus a reminder for Anglicans of the new life and mortal life. Hence for confessing Anglican Christians, the festive season is about being watchful for the return of the Lord, whose final coming will be to judge the living and the dead. “So we confess in the Nicene Creed of the Church. As it is written in the book of of Isaiah the prophet,” Katenda concluded, wishing all a Merry Christmas.
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