• October 20th, 2018
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Have fun but care for the environment


Walvis Bay For decades the Walvis Bay coastline has always been a popular choice for visitors to soak up the sun and cool breeze, while the more adventurous at heart take on the dunes and ocean in a variety of sports and recreational activities. In the past the festive season has also seen its share of injuries and damage to property due to irresponsible behaviour and disregard for road safety and fellow road users. Such behaviour not only spoils the festive mood but can cause loss of lives. Similarly, the desert environment is home to many unique plants and small animals that are destroyed by such behaviour. To ensure a peaceful and safe holiday, visitors are reminded of the municipal by-laws relating to the control of the seashore, the sea and its environment that have been in force since January 2004. The control over recreational activities and permissible routes for off-road vehicles and quad bikes as introduced by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism a few years ago remains in place. Littering Visitors are prohibited from dumping, depositing, leaving, spilling, dropping or placing anything that affects the cleanliness of beaches. This includes leaving behind bait, fish hooks or offal on the beaches. These actions will be regarded as a health nuisance, alternatively as indecent or offensive behaviour, and carry a fine of N$1,000 or three months imprisonment, or both. A similar fine will be imposed on those found guilty of damaging municipal property, notice boards, fences or any local authority building along the beaches. The municipality appeals to everyone to report any vandalised, broken or damaged municipal facility by phoning 081 122 0888 / 0811220833. Camping and tents Visitors are not allowed to camp on the seashore overnight. Bonfires or braais are not allowed on the beach unless suitable and removable containers are used. Do not leave ash or coals on the beach. No tents allowed at Dolphin Park swimming pool, only gazebos.
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