• October 18th, 2018
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Namibian football in dire need of drastic reforms

It’s now crystal clear that our football leaders are in the habit of claiming credit for success albeit rare, but always quick out of the blocks to blame constant failure on external circumstances. The year 2016 would be best remembered as the year when domestic football was given a raw deal by those entrusted to administer the beautiful game, so to speak. Whilst football leagues in other countries around the globe are in full swing – the Namibian flagship football league NPL is yet to get the ball rolling as a result of poor planning or rather pure incompetence. Common sense would tell us the dismal failure of the Namibian Premier League (NPL) hierarchy to solicit sponsorship for the league in time demands a thorough soul-searching and interrogation. One has to conclude this is a clear sign that our football is in dire need of reforms but alas, these blokes must under no circumstances be allowed to reform themselves – they are certainly not fit enough to reform football since they have already failed their subjects. Up to now, no explanation has been advanced by the NPL hierarchy as to why the kickoff to the 2016/2017 league action is delayed until February next year. Fair enough, it’s now a well documented secret that insufficient funds were the primary reason for the delay but until such time NPL bosses come out and tell the nation where the money would suddenly come from, doubts would remain in the minds of the doubting Thomasses and who can blame them? Keeping your subjects in stark darkness over their immediate future is an extremely dangerous game to play and could have far-reaching repercussions with regard to winning their trust and confidence. Even in the event of the league activities finally starting as promised, the dozing NPL hierarchy should not be let off the hook so easily – these blokes messed up big time and must be placed under scrutiny: they certainly have a lot of explanations to advance. What many people don’t seem to comprehend is the irreparable amount of emotional stress and pain currently experienced by the footballers, including poor club bosses who are obliged to sustain the system while the league is idling from a self-inflicted wound. In any other decent structures anywhere in the world, the current NPL executive would have been obliged by morals and dignity to step down with their heads buried in the sand, but these thick-skulled blokes would not vacate office until they are elbowed out. I doff my korrie to Wanderers Following months of aggressive reporting on potentially damaging allegations of racism attributed to a pale-skinned rugby player one Theo Coetzee, also going by the name of ‘Kwaaitjie’ amongst his circle of buddies, well the name says it all, his club Wanderers finally pulled the plug on the racist rugby player. The brother stood accused of calling an opponent a “swart bobejaan” in his native Afrikaans lingo (black baboon). The victim, a darkish hide black rugby player Patrick Mulumba from a visiting South African side, did not take kindly to Kwaaitjie’s unprovoked racial slur and almost ‘bliksemed’ the hell out of the perpetrator. The majority of the local media tried by all means to downplay this ugly racial incident that could have far-reaching consequences but aggressive reporting by New Era Sport unzipped the true story and subsequent action. Wanderers charged the accused and found him guilty whereupon the naughty Kwaaitjie was given punishment of a one-year suspension from all forms of rugby – which can be interpreted and rightly so, as a gentle rap on the knuckles given the severity of the offence. Now, the fundamental question that remains on many people’s lips is: when is rugby’s presiding body, NRU, going to pronounce itself on this matter? I’m just asking. Let’s call a spade a spade, racism is rife in many a Namibian sporting discipline but as long as the media tries to cover up – the status quo would remain unchecked. I rest my case, so I’m signing off and enjoy your Kriza.
2016-12-16 11:32:46 1 years ago
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