• October 18th, 2018
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Pool table argument costs man his life


Windhoek The murder case of Lisias Elia was heard in Katutura Magistrate’s Court yesterday. Elia, who made his first court appearance for allegedly killing his cousin Silvanus Martin, appeared unfazed, when Prosecutor Ellen Shipena read out the charges levelled against him. According to the police charge sheet, the accused allegedly intentionally ended his cousin’s life on New Year’s Eve. It is alleged Elia and his deceased cousin were playing a game of pool when an argument broke out between the two, resulting in Martin’s death at the hands of his own cousin. Allegedly upon defeating the accused at a game of pool, the deceased made remarks that he was the king of pool for 2016, which is said to have been the cause of the argument, which resulted in the untimely death of Martin. The incident occurred in Katutura, Wanaheda in the capital, but it is still not clear how exactly the deceased died at the hands of his cousin, Elia. The accused informed the court calmly that he understood the charge against him, adding that he was going to apply for legal aid ahead of his next court appearance. Prosecutor Shipena told the court the accused should not be granted bail, because of multiple factors, one being that the charge of murder is very serious and should not be taken lightly. Shipena added that investigations into the case are still at an early stage and there is a fear that if granted bail the accused will or may interfere with the ongoing investigations. Magistrate Ruben Mutuka postponed the matter to April 14 for the accused to seek legal aid and for the finalisation of the police investigation. Mutuka said although the accused was denied bail yesterday he still has the right to bring a formal bail application and the issue of bail can be reconsidered if valid information is availed, clarifying the reasons bail should be granted to the accused. Eilia will remain in custody at Katutura police station until his bail application has been processed.
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