• October 18th, 2018
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Burglars work overtime in Windhoek

Crime and Courts, Front Page News
Crime and Courts, Front Page News

Windhoek Over 35 cases of house break-ins were reported in the capital over the festive season and the number continues to rise. House break-ins were reported to be very high in Katutura areas, where no less than 23 incidents were reported to the authorities over the past month. Khomasdal followed with 12 cases. City police spokesperson Constable Fabian Amukwelele says the houses that were broken into were mainly those that were unattended to. Amukwelele said burglars generally do observation on foot, paying particular attention to specific homes and observing whether there are vehicles parked in the yard on a daily basis and whether the vehicles are normally there at a particular time, as they tend to observe patterns over a period of time. Amukwelele further explained that most homes are broken into during holiday seasons when the city is empty and residents have travelled to various holiday destinations. “It also came to our attention that houses located at construction sites or next to houses under construction generally attract house breakers,” Amukwelele noted. The thieves target household items, such as fridges, stoves, laptops, cellphones, clothes, money and TVs. The commonly used methods of breaking into homes range from breaking a window, force-cutting burglar bars or cutting open the roofsheets. Furthermore, the City Police noted with great concern the number of vehicles broken into during the month of December alone. “Theft out of motor vehicles was highest between 5 and 11 December,” Amukwelele said. He added that the main underlying cause was car owners, who leave valuable items in vehicles at public places, which attracts thieves. At least 38 cases of theft out of a motor vehicle were reported. The police are cautioning the public at large to be alert at all times and to report all suspicious movements without fear of victimisation to the nearest police station, or alternatively to call the City Police on tollfree number 061 302 302. In case an individual is unable to call the tollfree number they are encouraged to send an SMS message to 4444.
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