• October 17th, 2018
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Rain, sewage water swamp Katima


Katima Mulilo Residents of Katima Mulilo have expressed disappointment over the lack of a water drainage system within the town, particularly within the town centre. Their disappointment comes as heavy rains recently pounded the town that was in recent days flooded as a result, leading to residents - particularly motorists – to question why the town planners failed to remedy the long-simmering problem that has seen rainwater and sewage water flooding the town. Motorists are unhappy that when it rains they have to drive through flooded streets, which they believe can cause some damage to their cars. They also allege that the overflows were better managed previously compared to the current situation. “These roads are in a very bad condition and this is something known to the town council. We have seen that they at times try to maintain them, but that is not a permanent solution, because we have a poor drainage system,” said one of the affected motorists, Simataa Makumbi. He said the situation has become unbearable and the continuous rain makes him want to park his car, but because he has to make a living he has no choice but to drive on bad roads. “We want them to put in drainage systems to avoid water from lying stagnant in the roads. Our cars are getting damaged, because as we continue driving through these watery roads and potholes are being formed,” Makumbi added. Contacted for comment Katima Mulilo Mayor Georgina Mwiya-Simataa referred all questions to the acting chief executive officer, Patrick Lilungwe, who could not be reached for comment, despite making an earlier commitment to speak to New Era. The mayor however said the situation has not gone unnoticed and that the town council is trying to do its best to solve the problem. She said the plan to install drainage systems is at an advanced stage and has already been put out on tender.
2017-01-06 09:55:12 1 years ago
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