• October 18th, 2018
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Decline in festive season CD sales


Windhoek Artists who have depended on the sales of their CDs are being affected financially, as the sales of the CD in the country continue to drop rapidly. Speaking to the owner of Antonio’s Art, Antonio Dragan Djokic, the current and only local CD retailer in the CBD of Windhoek, explained that his business is being affected as the world has moved to digital era when it comes to music and most music lovers are no longer interested in buying CDs, but prefer to download the music. This came as Antonio discovered that the sales of the CD were very poor over the festive season compared to previous years. “December is good for selling CDs and any other kind of business, although now that selling CD is not going so well like before,” says Antonio, adding that CD shops are now closed down because there is no more business and sellers don’t get anything out of it. The owner of the Ogopa Butterfly music production, Suleimen ‘Sula’ Kyababa in an interview with New Era Weekend last month said artists only release albums in December, since most music buyers are out scouting for new tunes in December, when people are going for their holidays. “Some think we only release albums for NAMAs, but it’s not like that. To be honest, December is always a good time for an artist to release an album,” says Sula. Commenting online local music producer Dj K-Boz says streaming and online sales of local music is the way to go and artists can still make money from their music and not rely on CD sales. Meanwhile local musician D-Naff says it’s about time Namibian artists change the rule of the game when it comes to selling their CDs. Antonio released the name of the top selling artists over the festive season, with Young T topping the list with his third album, Becoming a King, followed by Jomolizo with the album Kaandjetu, Bantu with The Tower of Babel, D Square with The Adviser and Ann singer with Bullet Proof. With his two companies, Deal Done Records and My Ongoma Media, Antonio says they are hard at work promoting Namibian music and taking it to the next level.
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