• November 14th, 2018
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Hoebeb warn clubs of spreading negativity

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

Windhoek Following a New Era Sport report that Namibia Premier League (NPL) chairman Johnny ‘JJD’ Doeseb recently came to the rescue of NPL staff members by paying their November and December salaries from his personal funds, as the NPL is technically insolvent, various club owners have since disguisedly taken to social media and other platforms accusing Doeseb of bragging and trying to score cheap political points. But having observed with great concern the growing attacks on the persona of Doeseb and his recent humanitarian efforts of financially aiding his colleagues during the league’s most difficult time, NPL chief administrator Tovey Hoebeb yesterday strongly leaped to the defence of Doeseb and lambasted certain club chairpersons for being “two-faced”. Yesterday, three disgruntled club chairpersons approached New Era Sport seeking an audience and a platform to further crucify Doeseb and the NPL by extension. The trio – who asked not to be named for fear of retribution – accused Doeseb of bragging and trying to score cheap political points when he helped pay the salaries of the NPL’s three office-bearers during November and December, saying he (Doeseb) should instead resign as they have had enough of him. “We are not interested in his kind gestures whatsoever as reported in the media. What we actually want is for him to resign. Doeseb has caused enough damage to our football and still doesn’t have the courage to acknowledge the damage he has caused to the league. If he cannot find us a sponsor then he should just do the honourable thing and resign,” said one of the members. But an infuriated Hoebeb – clearly sweating under the collar – yesterday refused to entertain such attacks on the integrity of the NPL and Doeseb, saying to the contrary the clubs are the ones that have failed the football fraternity and potential sponsors alike. “I mean what’s wrong with people in this country?... How can they now start condemning Doeseb’s kind efforts of helping us in such a difficult moment when everybody including the clubs know the NPL’s financial situation very well. I’m really disappointed seriously. Who are the three clubs complaining behind the media and yet refuse to be named? That’s being a coward,” Hoebeb shot back. He continued: “We have established channels of communication and whoever has a problem should approach me or Doeseb instead of running to the media under false pretence. If fact, they are the ones trying to brag and score cheap political points as far as I’m concerned.” “I have even heard some people and club chairpersons asking through other people where their affiliation fees paid in August went to if the NPL is claiming to be broke, but they are forgetting that only five clubs paid their membership fees in full and the other remaining eleven clubs only paid N$15 000, and I’m sure those three clubs complaining to you are part of this group of eleven. Since May last year when we parted ways with MTC, the NPL have been finding it difficult to make ends meet and it’s no secret to anyone as all the clubs even know our situation. So I’m disappointed with what you are telling me my brother,” concluded Hoebeb.
New Era Reporter
2017-01-10 10:33:08 1 years ago

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