• June 1st, 2020

2190 suicides recorded in last five years

Windhoek - Just 12 days into the new year and four people have already committed suicide. An alarming number of 2 190 people opted to end their own lives since 2012 and the Namibian police are increasingly concerned about the rate at which suicides are occurring. Namibia’s suicide rate with its sparse population is significantly higher than the world average of 16 suicides per 100 000 people. Nampol spokesperson Warrant Officer Immanuel Lazarus explained that suicide cases are on the rise and have become a huge concern. Last year 368 cases of suicide were reported, a slight reduction compared to the 464 incidents of suicide reported in 2015. “In most cases the victims do not leave behind suicide notes,” said Lazarus, adding that some of the common reasons that seem to contribute to suicide include debts, conflicts in relationships - particularly failed romantic relationships -, financial troubles, family crises and divorce. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), every single year over 800 000 die due to suicide and there are more who attempt to do the same. The alarming figure represents a global suicide rate of 16 people per 100 000, which translates to one suicide death every 40 seconds. “People need to start expressing themselves freely, rather than having problems and issues building up inside,” Lazarus advised. People facing difficulties in their lives should seek help instead of seeing suicide as the only solution, he said. The evidently concerned warrant officer said an act of suicide affects those left behind, as they are left with many unanswered questions. In 2014 Namibia was ranked at 157 by the WHO, as one of the countries with a high number of suicides, accounting for 0,35 percent of all deaths. Suicide accounts for many deaths worldwide, making it the 15th leading cause of death in the world.
New Era Reporter
2017-01-13 11:10:11 | 3 years ago

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