• November 21st, 2018
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Fence reduces crime in Kleine Kuppe

Windhoek - In order to control and minimize crime, Kleine Kuppe Neighbourhood Watch put up a fence in an area which criminals used as a pathway to go commit crime. Residents and members of the neighbourhood watch spent about N$55 000 to fence off the area to make it safer for residents. Kleine Kuppe Neighbourhood Watch chairman Sarel Hanekom said the reason they erected the fence was that builders would walk through streets and residents were concerned. Hanekom indicated that one of the houses was broken into and a lot of goods were stolen. “So we decided to close the area. The break-ins were really quite many during December,” stated Hanekom who said the fence was commissioned in November. Hanekom briefed the media alongside the City Police chief and other squad members when he took them around the area showing them the place being targeted by criminals. Hanekom took the police to another open area between complexes where they also intend to put up a fence. “In this area, there were about ten to fifteen break-ins in one complex towards the end of the year,” Hanekom stated. “This area is hit the hardest with break-ins. They use the open area as an entry and exit point. In the near future we are thinking of putting up cameras,” said Hanekom. City Police Chief Abraham Kanime added that areas that border riverbeds are targets. He explained that break-ins are crimes of opportunity and criminals always target areas where there is an opportunity and get away with it. Kanime thanked the neighbourhood watch and the community of Kleine Kuppe in taking the lead by implementing measures to prevent crime. He further said this is a good example others must emulate as the City Police alone can’t do everything. “We want all neighbourhood watches to come to us and identify crimes in their areas and come up with a means to curb them.”
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2017-01-13 11:43:25 1 years ago

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