• October 20th, 2018
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Boreholes drilled for thirsty Uis

Front Page News
Front Page News

Windhoek - NamWater has drilled boreholes some 50 kilometers from Uis to address the water crisis at the settlement, the manager for corporate communications, Johannes Shigwedha, told New Era. He said the boreholes are high hilled and what remains to be done is to connect them to the settlement. “We have trucks supplying water to the settlement every other hour. We have been supplying them with water ever since. It’s not something new. It’s just that all the boreholes have dried up,” said Shigwedha. Meanwhile Uis resident Basil Calitz, who is the manager of Brandberg rest camp lodge at the settlement, said Namibians, especially from the coastal areas, have been sympathetic to Uis residents. “People delivered a lot of water over the weekend,” said Calitz, who explained that they received 20 000 litres of water in a truck, delivered over the weekend, as well as 5 000 litres of bottled water. “This morning we received 20 000 litres of water,” said Calitz, adding that NamWater has a truck that daily delivers 10 000 litres. “But that is very little water,” said Calitz. There are some 3 000 people in Uis. A text message describing the seriousness of the situation at Uis went viral last week on social media. “I’m calling on every Namibian to please help Uis. Today is the 9th day the town don’t have running water. Our people don’t have any drinking water left. Most old people living in Uis don’t have the resources or strength to carry a five-liter water can. If everyone of us passing nearby can drop off a few five liters of drinking water it will make a difference in a few households,” read the text message. Calitz said: “Namibians from all over Namibia are very sympathetic with what is happening in Uis.”
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