• September 23rd, 2018
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Nkurenkuru strives for service delivery

Nkurenkuru - Nkurenkuru chief executive officer (CEO) Petrus Sindimba says the town council will focus on bringing services of sewer, roads, water and electricity to the town, promising hard work. “Our key focus areas this year will be, servicing of Nkurenkuru extension 2 with water , roads, sewer and also we will be servicing Kahenge proper as well as electricity reticulations at Nkurenkuru ext 4 which is at Kulisuka informal settlement,” Sindimba told New Era. According to the CEO, electrification at Nkurenkuru ext.5, at the Shack dweller areas will also be seen this year. “We are going to do maintenance on our roads as well, so will do re-graveling of some damaged street roads, and we will be commissioning of our first street naming committee who will be in charge of naming some of our streets,” Sindimba said. “We will provide our people with all other general municipal services in terms of our mandates as outlined in the Local Authority Act, Act no.23 of 1992 as amended,” he said. Interestingly ater this year, the Nkurenkuru town council will be hosting the towns first  Nkurenkuru Expo 2017 which is planned to take place from 28 June  to 1st of July. “More information will be provided at a later stage,” he said. Nkurenkuru was declared as a settlement area in 1999 and it was later proclaimed as a town in 2006 and have seen some huge growth in many areas.
2017-01-17 09:42:07 1 years ago
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