• September 23rd, 2018
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City to clamp down on illegal car washes

Khomas, Front Page News
Khomas, Front Page News

Windhoek - Chief of the City Police Abraham Kanime said an operation aimed at closing down illegal car washes in Windhoek would take place soon. The city is currently experiencing a water shortage and water levels in the three dams that provide the central areas with water stood at a mere 7.4 percent this week. The city houses more than 300 car washes with the majority operating illegally. Kanime said apart from closing down illegal car washes, they will also go after shebeens, illegal electricity connections and unregistered dogs this year, as they want to have an impact as far as law and order is concerned. The City Police car wash operation was scheduled to start on Tuesday this week but was postponed until further notice. Kanime said yesterday they are not yet on the ground because they are still busy with logistical arrangements. He also said that before embarking on the operation they are busy ensuring all legal loopholes are closed. “Those are operational issues that I don’t want to share but the operation will take off soon,” remarked Kanime when asked to mention what the legal loopholes were. Kanime said they would be looking at whether car washes comply with building regulations which stipulate that the used water should flow into a drain and not the street. “We will also look at things such as fitness certificate and whether the business complies with water usage regulations such as having an independent water meter.” He added they would furthermore look at whether car washes comply with electricity regulations. Kanime said that when they go out on operations he would not want to come across an illegal car wash. “Any car wash owner who needs information should approach my office,” said Kanime. Responding to concerns about whether they might be taking bread from the table of car wash owners, he said: “It’s indeed a bread and butter issue. “But you blame the police for not doing anything in this crisis (water). There is a law and it’s a critical situation.”
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