• September 20th, 2018
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Season 2 of NBC’s ‘The 3rd Will’ starts next month

Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek The locally produced television drama series, 'The 3rd Will', will continue next month on Namibia Broadcasting Cooperation (NBC) 1. According to the executive producer of the series, Frans Kruger, viewers should expect more drama and action in the second season. “As the theme of the series suggests, ‘The 3rd Will’ is about the hunt for the original third will, but the question is who has the will, or is there a third will? Also, there is a love triangle going on between Ronnel, Ivette and Michael Kamati,” says Kruger. In the second season, which consists of 14 episodes, 50 cast members will be involved. “We had good and bad responses from viewers. The bad responses made us to do more homework to make Season 2 even better than Season 1. But we know that in life you cannot satisfy everyone,” he says of the first season. The main actors in the series are Maureen, Ronnel, Maggy, Michael Kamati, Thomas Kamati, Ivette, Leon Beukes, Biggy, Lucia, Charlotte, Grace, Bonny, Hileni, Rebecca and Aunty Anna. Gospel singer, D-Naff, is also expected to make his first appearance this season. “Our aim is to provide Namibians with our own stories. We have good stories to tell the world through our series. If everything goes well, the series may turn into a daily soap,” Kruger hopes. The first season premiered on the television last year for three months. It revolves around a family feud over inheritance. The series centres on Mr Kamati, a self-made millionaire, who owns a meat exporting company, Meat Expo. He started from humble beginnings, but his business acumen soon saw his comnpany making it into the most lucrative international meat markets by exporting beef to various parts of the world. Kamati started as a young farmer and his hard work, dedication earned him a fortune. He had two sons - Thomas and Michael Kamati - by two women, Maureen Jacobs (the mistress) and Mrs Annely Kamati, the wife. In his last will and testament, the late Kamati appointed Michael Kamati, his second-born, to be the heir of Meat Expo. However, this did not go down well with his wife. Episode 1 had many Namibians glued to their screens in excitement over a truly Namibian product on NBC. The series is locally produced by a joint venture between BVL and FB film production companies with a full cast of proudly Namibian talent. The 3rd Will is scheduled to broadcast weekly on Wednesdays at 19h00 on nbc1.
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