• September 20th, 2018
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Drought hits Sesfontein hard

Staff Reporter Khorixas - Crop farmers at Sesfontien continue to endure the harsh effects of drought as the springs at the village are drying up, according to the constituency councillor. Sesfontein Constituency Councillor Klaudius Kaujova said: “The main spring from which farmers get their water is drying up due to climate change. I urge farmers to be patient, as we need to explore other avenues on how to get connected to different entities that can come to their rescue.” Currently there is nothing much government can do to intervene due to the recent budget cuts, Kaujova told New Era. A meeting is planned for February 8 that will be attended by various stakeholders and the Office of the Governor to consider ways to assist farmers on a temporary basis. NGOs, such as the Namibia Red Cross Society (NRCS), are expected to attend the planning meeting. Sesfontien has six springs, several of which have already dried up, but the current concern is over the drying up of the main spring, compounded by the dilapidated state of water pipes. “Up until now we did not have proper rain and these people are surviving from crop and livestock farming, but the drought is taking its toll,” Kaujova noted. Although the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has pledged to assist farmers in the region with block licks, lucerne and fodder for livestock, Kaujova said only 500 farmers will be assisted at this time. Livestock in the Sesfontien area are also dying in significant numbers due to the persistent drought.
2017-01-25 11:14:14 1 years ago
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