• October 17th, 2018
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Deizzy reaches another milestone

Time Out
Time Out

Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek-From humble beginnings, the young, humble and good-looking aspiring model, Dorcas Deizzy Mbevo, has once again found herself in the international limelight after recently being selected to participate in one of the biggest United States (US) annual fashion showcase, Couture Fashion Week. Couture Fashion Week presents a series of couture fashion and luxury shows multiple times each year in New York, and other selected cities. Businessman, Andres Aquino founded the fashion week in 2005. This year, the fashion week is set to take place in New York at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, from February 10 to 15. “As nervous as I am, I can’t wait to strike,” says the excited Deizzy, who is currently based in Orlando, Florida in the US. Her participation in Couture Fashion Week came into reality when she applied online last December. She was then called for audition earlier this month, which saw her making it out of thousands of applicants. “Being a freelance model with just one agent and not being signed under any agency, I was nervous!! I am not going to let my nerves get the best of me! My time came and I auditioned and I made it,” she says positively, adding that it is an honour, a privilege and a dream come true for her to be one of the few African models to showcase their talents at international level. She says being part of the show would contribute a lot to the local modelling industry. “I am a living testimony that u can still be part of the biggest fashion weeks in the world, without necessarily having a manager or being in an agency! I realized all we really need is God, a little faith in ourselves, knock on the right doors and having your hopes up.” However, this is not the first time Deizzy is making headlines in the modelling circles. From 2011 to 2014, while living in Windhoek, she won Miss Youth Namibia 2013, staged by the National Youth Council, Miss International University of Management 2014 and also modelled for the Namibian Diamond Show, which was organised by Hem Matsi. She has also participated in high-profile beauty competitions, such as Miss Commonwealth International and Miss Global International in 2014 and 2015. Apart from that Deizzy has also made her first appearance on stage, having acted in one of the Namibian’s youthful drama series, ‘Don’t Kiss and Tell’. Throughout the years, as many will testify, she has been an advocate of “giving without expectations”. She initiated several charitable causes and donated to needy families and children with the little she gets. End of last year, Deizzy got another massive opportunity whereby she took part in the 11th annual competition of Miss Africa-United States of America (USA), were she represented Namibia and Africa at large in the Washington DC in November and she made it into the top 10. “The US modelling industry is massive, they don’t cheap talk! It’s not a game! It’s either u have it or u don’t have it! It’s either u are in or you are not. It’s an industry that can lead you on the right path or the wrong path! Especially if you trying to achieve and gain everything at once,” she said. She stated that modelling in Namibia and US are totally different! “Even the way we are taught on how to walk is different. But again that’s what makes us unique and stand out our case,” she says. Deizzy was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo by Dorothee Vonga and Dede Mbevo with her three siblings. She moved to Namibia at an early age, where she enrolled for her lower education. On her modelling journey, she started modelling in Afrocat Organization founded by Dimitri Bitler after being crowned Miss Khomas High in 2011. She then has been training on how to model with Afrocat on weekends. “I grew up not wanting to model but I loved it after winning Miss Khomas High School, I loved the fact that I can be more than just a tall slim girl and then I started to love the idea of being a ‘model’. I took it serious! And the rest is history.” In 2015, Deizzy and her mother moved to the US where she is now resides and currently working while studying at the Florida Technical College. Her future plans include working hard in order to be a successful top model. “Remain humble! As hard as it is to maintain, stay away from unpleasant rumors! Don’t let the door to your life become so open that anyone can walk into it and walk away with your biography! Listen to people who care about you, get you some good education, be strong and believe in yourself,” she advises other youths.
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