• October 17th, 2018
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Cops seize VW used by robbers

Selma Ikela Windhoek-A sedan that was impounded by City Police after it was used in criminal activities was released last Thursday, but the vehicle was once again involved in a case that involved a gang of suspects that allegedly tried to break into a tourist vehicle on Friday afternoon. City police arrested five men who were in a dark green City Golf in downtown Windhoek after they tried to break into a vehicle transporting tourists. Upon searching the vehicle, the police found a gym bag with items inside that belonged to Rachel Klamar. Klamar to whom the gym bag might belong is advised to get in contact with City police spokesperson Fabian Amukwelele. The vehicle only had a front number plate; N112-040 W and the rear one was removed. The five suspects are charged with being in possession of stolen items. City Police Chief Abraham Kanime said, this is one of the gangs that terrorize people in the central business district, breaking into vehicles. Kanime said, when they searched the suspects they found one of the suspects in possession of car keys and when asked about the whereabouts of the car they refused to reveal where it was. Kanime said, after they looked in the vicinity they managed to identify the car. According to Kanime the vehicle was released on Thursday after it had been impounded for two weeks. “We want to warn the public that this vehicle belongs to a gang. They are our old clients who are out on bail,” said Kanime.
2017-02-08 09:47:07 1 years ago
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