• October 18th, 2018
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Rundu residents to pay dog levies

Kavango East
Kavango East

John Muyamba Rundu-The Rundu town council is planning to introduce dog licences to the town. The process is currently in a planning stage, the council is currently looking at how a planned kernel will look like, where unregistered or un-licenced dogs will be kept once they are seized. Rules and regulations in the town regarding dogs will be made known to residents in due course and the town council will only allow each household a maximum of three dogs. Council has proposed a once-off N$100 for each dog per year while unregistered and unlicensed dogs will be impounded to be disposed off. “We are currently at a design stage, we are looking at the design of the dog house where we will keep all the stray dogs, and after constructing the dog house and after all the procedures and regulations are in place then we will start the registration process of dog licences,” said the mayor of Rundu, Verna Sinimbo in an exclusive interview with New Era. According to Sinimbo, this is a way of controlling stray dogs which wonders around the streets of Rundu. “Residents who own dogs will be required to keep their dogs in their yards, they must ensure they keep their fence intact to keep dogs inside,” Sinimbo said. “SPCA will be consulted to advise the council on how to dispose of these dogs or what to do with them,” Sinimbo added. Dog licences will have an annual fee, paid once a year through the water bill, just like waste collection and the more dogs you have the more you pay.
2017-02-08 10:00:05 1 years ago
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