• October 17th, 2018
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Meroro’s antics tantamount to result manipulation

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

Just as Namibian boxing still basks in the sun celebrating another milestone following Julius “Blue Machine’ Indongo’s historic first round knockout victory over Edward Troynovsky, nogal on foreign soil in his own backyard, the nation is now inadvertently tainted in the dark arts of cheating in spors. The Blue Machine became only the fourth Namibian to win a world tile in the dog eat dog industry of professional boxing, following in the footsteps of the legendary Harry “the Terminator” Simon, Paulus “the Hitman” Moses and Paulus “the Rock” Ambunda. Sadly, the misdeeds and shady conduct of bulky cruiserweight boxer Vikapita “Beast Master” Meroro is one of the most disturbing and high-profiled disrespectful sporting frauds recorded in the annals of the generally squeaky clean Namibian sport. It has been proven without an iota of doubt over the years that for most cheaters the intended advantage is either the size of the moolah at stake or glory, or both. Nevertheless, these two elements come in two ways and the fashion in which they are sought varies from one another miles apart – ranging from minor infringements all the way to criminality of the highest order. If would be an understatement if one does not conclude that moolah is the ultimate root of all sporting evil, as it remains the most influential element in cheating. It was clearly evident from the opening bell that Meroro was hopelessly unfit, poorly prepared, if any, and had absolutely no business entering the ring in the first place. Truth be told, the boy was totally out of his depth and a pale shadow of the aggressive hard-punching pugilist local boxing followers came to adore – until last Saturday. The Namibian was fully aware that he did not possess enough gas in his pair of jelly legs, aided by his visibly shapeless huge frame, to withstand the onslaught from his unbeaten opponent. Fighting in front of his home crowd, Lerena was upbeat and peppered the Beast, willingly driving the Namibian onto the back foot – obliging the Beast to wangle something out of the fight but alas, the dark side of moolah is that the unwelcome deeds of the cheater would ultimately distort and undermine the value of sport, so to speak. Meroro’s shocking antics did not only pose a potential threat to competition but it embarrassed his handler/promoter, the well-respected Nestor Sunshine Tobias Boxing & Fitness Academy as well as the entire Namibia as a sporting loving nation. Just out of the blue, the brother developed cold feet in the 5th round of their 10-round international cruiserweight non-title bout, having been at the receiving end of his opponent’s combination of well placed uppercuts and jabs from the word go. Admittedly, the Namibian boxer was no match for Kevin “KO Kid” Lerena, so it was quite shocking when he childishly defied his corner, including the basic principles of the sport, to abbreviate the bout halfway through the contest – much to the amazement of his handlers. To rub salt in the wound, event organizers Golden Gloves Promotions resolved to pay the Namibian in his own coin by withholding his purse until further investigation. Internationally acclaimed boxing promoter Rodney Berman laid a formal charge with boxing authorities citing improper conduct against Meroro. Berman accuses the pot-bellied Namibian of having had no intention of rolling up his sleeves for his opponent. Meroro’s action has not only tarnished the good name of his promoter/handler but has doubtlessly brought irreplaceable damage, shame and undeserved embarrassment to the Namibian nation. I rest my case.
2017-02-10 12:51:13 1 years ago
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