• September 20th, 2018
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Swapo must manage succession and talent

As the Swapo elective congress draws closer the key question that many comrades overlook is managing succession and talent in favour of party objectives and policies. Swapo is losing touch with grassroots and in particular with the youths. We recently saw efforts to push Dr. Elijah Ngurare out of the youth league without having a competent alternative. Such efforts were successfully implemented without weighing the talent he possess collectively for the party interest. Swapo is further challenged by harbouring capitalist who are heartless and pushing self-enrichment schemes without mercy and without consideration of the masses. The failure to effectively execute and manage succession planning leads to many disastrous consequences. There are many examples here and beyond our borders to illustrate this negative impact. Political party generational leaders are refusing to step down and using the pretext that their departure would create instability. This is a tell-tale sign that such leader have failed to carry out that important leadership responsibility to groom talent. Now factions are developing within the party and infighting flaring up as comrades jostle for power. Proper succession planning curtails and obviates this bloodletting which has come to characterise changes in political leadership. It is time our Swapo Party find remedy to factionalism and develop mechanism to compensate the losers and to address the challenges facing the masses such as housing, struggle kids and high unemployment. Desiderius Amutenya, SPYL member
2017-02-10 11:58:50 1 years ago
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