• October 17th, 2018
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Shoplifter tries committing suicide after arrest

Selma Ikela Windhoek-In a somewhat dramatic turn of events a woman arrested for shoplifting also twice failed in committing suicide after her arrest at a supermarket in Windhoek. The woman, Renate Goa Eises, was arrested on Monday last week after being found in possession of unpaid goods when she was on her way out of the shop. According to the police report, the woman packed four boxes of meat, a 5-litre box of wine and four cans of deodorant spray into a trolley and walked out of the shop without paying. “She was caught – then she attempted to hang herself with some cables and failed. She further tried to overdose in the shop,” Nampol spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi said. Ambulance paramedics attended to her and declared her fine but she refused to talk to them or furnish her details. The woman was then taken to the police station and a case was opened. Kanguatjivi said Eises was eventually released and the court wholly suspended the sentence. Kanguatjivi at the time could not explain the grounds on which Eises was released. City Police spokesperson Cillie Auala told New Era that shoplifting is a concern and on average 80 to 85 cases are reported per month. Auala explained that the crime is not their priority as they can not police inside the shops but only assist in advising business owners in terms of coming up with security measures such as putting up cameras. “We know them (shoplifters), we profile them. We do detection now and then and we deploy our members in town and when we detect them (shoplifters) we alert shop owners,” said Auala, adding that they also share shoplifters’ profiles with business owners. She said the moment business owners detect these people they alert each other or announce on intercoms in their business that customers must be careful with their personal property. Auala added that business people are welcome to consult with their office, form partnerships and discuss possible interventions.
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