• October 22nd, 2018
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New investment innovation with 48-hour access from FNB

Business & Finance
Business & Finance

Staff Reporter Windhoek-“I am excited and pleased to announce the successful implementation of the 48 Hour Cash Accelerator offering at FNB Namibia for the business segment. This distinct new product offering allows FNB Namibia to further strengthen its competitive edge and adds further value to all customers banking in this segment,” said Johan van der Westhuizen, Executive Officer at FNB Business. FNB Business identified the need to provide business customers with a product that offers short-term access, together with a competitive rate of return. Johan added that “by introducing this new and exciting high-yielding, yet safe innovative investment product, we are able to attract new funding from the Namibian business markets. The 48 Hour Cash Accelerator is a unique and customised offering designed exclusively for businesses and as of now only officially available in Namibia.” The features of the product include, but are not limited to, capital being guaranteed, and interest rates that are linked to prevailing market interest rates will only adjust subject to upfront notice; minimum opening balance of N$1 000 000; access up to 100 percent of available balance with 48 hours notice at no cost; electronic transfers for free; cash and cheque deposit fees apply and the highly competitive interest rate can only be earned on balances above N$500 000. “We trust that this new product will add real value and serve as an innovative business offering which will fulfil the needs of our unique markets,” Van der Westhuizen concluded.
2017-02-24 11:35:29 1 years ago
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