• October 21st, 2018
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Double murderer to appeal conviction

Maria Amakali Windhoek-A Windhoek businessman who was found guilty of killing his girlfriend and her mother in June 2009 at farm Okatuo in the Okahandja District, vowed to appeal his conviction with the Supreme Court as he continues to deny ever committing such atrocities. Julius Dausab,40, was arrested on his way from Ovitoto to Otjiwarongo in connection to the mother of his two children and his mother in-law. He was charged with two counts of murder and he was further found guilty of being found in possession of unregistered firearm and illegal possession of ammunition. Dausab who pleaded not guilty on all charges brought against him still maintains that he did not shoot and kill his girlfriend Paulina Kenamuni 28, and her mother Elfrieda Kenamuni, 44 on that fateful night. “I lost two people who were close to me, now my children are orphans and they are left without a guardian,” he said. Even though the court found him guilty on all charges, Dausab explained in court he does not accept the verdict by the court. During the mitigation process yesterday (today) in Windhoek Prison High Court, state prosecutor Advocate Eric Moyo said based on the evidence presented and the statements from the witnesses during the trial it was clear the deaths of the two woman were not an accident, Dausab actually planned every single detail. Based on the evidence, upon his arrest Dausab was found in possession of the 308 hunting rifle which has been identified as the same one used in the shooting because of the carriage found at the scene. In addition, blood stains that were found on his trousers in his car and on the blankets found in his vehicle matched that of the deceased. In his defence, Dausab explained he had borrowed the riffle from his friend on two separate occasions to gun down a stray donkey and not the two victims. In light of the two deceased, Dausab’s claim that unknown person arrived in a white car and shoot the deceased. Dausab’s claims were dismissed by the court because no tracks of the unknown vehicle were observed by all the people that were at the crime scene and there was no donkey to be shot. Dausab is yet to be sentenced, as the court weighs the state and the defence attorney Bradley Basson submissions this week. Judge Alfred Siboleka presided over the court case.
2017-03-07 09:25:40 1 years ago
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