• September 19th, 2018
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Learners should strive for excellence – education director

Matheus Hamutenya Karasburg-“Keep on doing what you do best”, was the message //Karas director of education |Awebahe ||Hoeseb had for teachers and learners during an award ceremony at Karasburg on Friday The ceremony was held to award best performing teachers and learners in the !Garib circuit, for their performance during the 2016 school year and an upbeat ||Hoeseb called on both learners and teachers to keep striving for excellence, despite their top performance in 2016. He urged both teachers and learners to uphold high standards of teaching and learning, and to even eclipse last year’s performance. “My message to those of you who are going to get an award is that you must keep on doing what you do well, avoid complacency and don’t let this achievement be a hindrance to further excellence,” he stated. He stressed the need for continued good performance by learners and teachers, advising educators to take note of the fact that the task of educating the Namibian child is not finished, saying as long as there are children of schoolgoing age it is the duty of  ducators to ensure these children master the basic competencies, as required. “Please ensure that all learners entrusted under your care in each and every subject you teach should master the basic competencies in order to be promoted to the next grade,” he said. Karasburg East Constituency Councillor Dennis Coetzee advised both learners and teachers to see the event not merely as a ceremony to award the best performers, but also as a means to examine where those that have not done so well went wrong, so as to help them improve. “It will be a mistake to see events like this one as a celebration only of the top achievers. Let today’s celebrations also serve as an opportunity for inspiration, especially to those learners who may have resigned themselves to a prizeless level of performance,” he stated. Coetzee urged parents and teachers to remain committed to education, saying learners need the support if they are to achieve academic excellence, but stressed that in terms of academic performance the ball is really in the hands of the learners themselves. “You can have the best teachers, supportive parents, the best school with the most advanced learning equipment, but none of it will matter if you don’t devote yourself to your studies,” he said. The awards event is the brainchild of Coetzee, whose office first came up with the initial idea, teaming up with Desert Fruits as sponsors, who have vowed to support the  initiative until 2020, saying it will only get bigger and better. Grape companies Solar Grapes and Silverlands also sponsored this year’s awards ceremony.
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