• September 19th, 2018
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I’m too busy to contest for political office – Namwandi

Politics, Front Page News
Politics, Front Page News

Obrein Simasiku Farm Oliewenhof-Former minister of education, arts and culture Dr David Namwandi has said he will not actively participate in politics, as he is currently too busy. He said this in affirmation that he is still a loyal Swapo Party member and will remain a politician, but cannot now be as vigorously involved in politics as before. Namwandi, who has kept a low profile in national politics since 2015, has been concentrating on his business interests and says he does not have much time for active politics. “I don’t want to make others feel threatened, so I will leave it. As such, I am into business,” said the former minister, who founded the privately owned International University of Management (IUM). He has also diversified his interests into real estate and farming. Namwandi’s position is in stark contrast to many of his compatriots in the ruling Swapo Party, who have already indicated that they intend to run for high positions, such as that of vice-president, secretary general and others, when the party holds its elective congress later this year. “My friend, I’m too busy. I’m just too busy… And you feel sorry for people who aspire to such positions, because it’s a lot of work... [But] I’m here to help those that are running for various positions.” Namwandi is now a full-time farmer on a farm some 27 km outside Grootfontein. “I’m busy with my farming. Luckily I have people who are running it (the university), but I still remain a chairperson [of the IUM], he says. He says the core duty of the country’s politicians is to make the country stable, so that there is a politically conducive environment that enables people to develop and prosper. “When the people want your service, who are we to say no? I’m a member of the central committee of Swapo and I’m a Swapo member. Once a politician you will forever remain one, so I remain a politician who will always serve our people,” he remarked. “Where there is no political stability, [you can] forget about economic growth and development. Therefore, we want to make sure our party remains strong enough to weather any challenges. Once Swapo remains strong the country will prosper in terms of growth. “You know, Namibia is comparatively stable and thus we, politicians, want it to remain stable as such,” he reiterated.
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