• September 19th, 2018
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DHPS takes 2nd place among German Schools Abroad

Staff Reporter Windhoek - Living and learning together - Inclusion at German Schools Abroad – is the title of a competition run by the Federal Foreign office for educational institutions worldwide, and raises the question what inclusive school life and lessons should look like. This year again, German schools abroad were encouraged to participate in the competition and to “deal with the heterogeneity in their social and cultural context intensively” and to “be extremely committed to dealing with cultural and social diversity”. The programme also deals with the implementation of equal opportunities and also communicates these ideas in their respective host country”, says patron and vice president of the German Bundestag Ulla Schmidt. This is exactly the focus of Deutsche Höhere Privatschule (DHPS), which claimed a well-deserved second place in the competition. Inclusion for the DHPS means creating points of contact, changing perspectives, breaking down barriers, approaching each other, appreciating diversity and supporting each other to ensure a share in social life for everyone. The impressive list of inclusive projects at the DHPS reads as follows:Inclusion for the school means supporting learners with special needs and creating awareness of uniqueness, wide-ranging remedial support, the success of learning companionships, additional support classes and the school’s own remedial centre speak for itself. On the other hand, the inclusive attitude of the DHPS is reflected in recruitment of employees with disabilities. A further project will be the likely participation of four learners and a DHPS teacher at the Special Olympics World Winter Games, a project that was launched early last year. “In addition to 14 athletes with disabilities of two Windhoek schools, four of our learners without handicaps were chosen to jointly participate in the games in floor ball discipline. As from mid-2016 already, they practiced on the DHPS fields as a joint floor ball team and their great journey to Austria starts on the 14th of this month. Dedication for people with disabilities - this also was the goal of the DHPS Interact Club, when they actively participated in the fundraising campaign “Run4Rio”. This initiative supported Namibian Paralympics sportsman Ananias Shikongo by means of donations, to make his dream of participating in the Paralympic Games in Rio come true. With these inclusion projects the DHPS won second prize of the ‘DAS - Living and learning together’, competition. A handsome prize and a journey to the prize-iving ceremony in Berlin on June 1 for the project’s participants now await.
2017-03-14 11:22:00 1 years ago
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