• October 17th, 2018
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Kavango East is ready, steady, and go!

Special Focus
Special Focus

John Muyamba Rundu-Kavango East is ready for the Independence Day celebrations here tomorrow, says chairperson of the national preparatory committee Gabriel Sinimbo, who is also the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development. “We have been having meetings, have done inspections of the Rundu sports stadium as well as the catering venue and other facilities that will serve luncheons,” says Sinimbo, a native of Kavango East. The organisers have taken into account the good rains in the region and are thus ensuring that there will be sufficient tents erected at the venue for the very very important people (VVIPs), very important people (VIPs) as well as the general public. “Major work is in the hands of the logistics, particularly at the main event where we are ensuring that we have the necessary and sufficient electrical capacities, ensuring that there’s a standby power generator given the rainy weather conditions if there’s power failure,” he says. In general, the preparatory committee caters for the transportation of people in the region from various pick-up points, and Sinimbo affirms that this activity is well in control and various accommodation establishments have been engaged and are ready to provide accommodation for the people coming to the event from all over the country. “I am also informed that the town council, given the need of more accommodation, has engaged several private house owners to avail suitable rooms to guests wherever it is practically possible and that can be communicated to some of the guests who are in need of accommodation,” adds Sinimbo. Yes, how can independence celebrations be accomplished without entertainment with the Ndilimani Cultural Troupe leading the pack in this regard. Sporting activities also add to the glamour of the event. “In fact, before the 21st we will have some performances in and around Rundu just to attract the residents of the town so that they know that the celebrations have started but the general public will be informed of the happenings planned from today,” Sinimbo highlights. Work has been going on around the clock in terms of setting up the venue, keeping the town clean and putting just about everything in place, he says. “The region is more than ready, the governor has given us that assurance as well as the local authority. We can confirm that the region is more than ready to host this event, the residents are excited and there’s, of course, also readiness from my sector, we have engaged with the businesses and they are looking forward to receive the guests,” Sinimbo assures. This independence celebration is significant in that for 27 years Namibia has enjoyed peace and stability, it has enjoyed an environment where many opportunities flourished in terms of business. “So Namibians must come in their masses. As technical people who are doing the preparations, we are ensuring that everything is in place and that it is an event that will be worthy to attend. The region, through the governor’s office, is ready, the town is ready, all of us have done our part, it now rests on the residents of the region as well as all Namibians from all corners to do their part which is to come and celebrate the event,” says Sinimbo excitedly. Governor, Dr Samuel Mbambo, is urging residents, especially both Kavango regions to come together as one to host and welcome fellow citizens and compatriots from all the other regions of the country, and to celebrate together. “As citizens of these regions, we will have to stand together and welcome our visitors that we are one Kavango people irrespective of our languages, our cultural and political affiliations,” Mbambo emphasises. “All of us, business people and ordinary people are happy to have been given this opportunity to host the 27th anniversary of our independence. The main message for this year, according to our President, His Excellency Hage Geingob is rededication, we have to rededicate ourselves to what we believe is good for our wellbeing, for our co-existence as a nation. Rededication starting with what we started with at the beginning, reconciliation, rededication in unity as a nation, in stability and rededication now in prosperity,” Mbambo accentuates.
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