• September 18th, 2018
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Walvis Bay to host Face of Namibia expo


Eveline de Klerk Swakopmnd-Entrepreneur Mary Ankonga will host her second edition of the Face of Namibia Women and Upcoming Entrepreneurship Expo at the end of March in Walvis Bay where she resides. Ankonga, a former model, said the expo is her contribution to assist women to become self-reliant, independent and productive. She says many young women are left at the mercy of their male counterparts and often suffer from abuse in silence as they are dependent on men. “It has become a norm that women are abused and trapped in abusive relationships that can result in crimes of passion. I want to encourage women, especially young women, to draw inspiration from others and come up with bankable ideas that will not only empower them but for them to become productive citizens themselves,” she said. The expo will be hosted under the theme empowering women, fighting gender-based violence and baby dumping. Ankonga said they will discuss issues related to the theme with fellow women during the expo. “Men are not excluded as we will conduct workshops on domestic violence and baby dumping to give them a better understanding about the social issues women face.  We will have one workshop in each of the fourteen regions,” said Ankonga. “It is important to highlight and sensitise men about the issues women go through and also encourage them to become supportive towards their partners instead of abusing them,” she said. The expo will take place from March 31 to April 1 at Kuisebmond Stadium.
2017-03-23 10:52:57 1 years ago
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