• October 20th, 2018
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Independence Day almost crime-free

Selma Ikela Windhoek-Apart from a few ‘Struggle Kids’ in Windhoek blocking a road and demanding money from motorists and an accident that claimed one life in Omaheke, no other serious crime incidents were recorded on Independence Day. Namibian Police spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi attributed the low rate of crime incidents to the closure of shebeens and bottle stores, which were asked not to operate on Independence Day. “I’m pleased that nearly all regions didn’t report anything serious. I ascribe that to the ban of alcohol. All shebeens and other liquor outlets were closed,” Kanguatjivi said. “Come end of the month when outlets are open then it’s rape and murder,” he solemnly remarked. Kangautjivi said Vehonga Kamuzandu 22, lost her life after the car she was travelling in overturned at Gobabis. Kamuzandu lost control of the vehicle, resulting in it rolling over twice. Kanguatjivi said the driver, Canisius Kanduuombe, 39, Ivy Kanguatjivi, 31 and Hemee Kamuzandu, 5, are all in a serious but stable condition. Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi echoed Kanguatjivi’s sentiments, saying there were very few incidents of crime recorded on Tuesday and thanked the general public for being law-abiding. She said people should not only conduct themselves so well when there is no sale of alcohol. She further noted that the police conducted routine patrols countrywide and in all the regions that celebrated independence adequate security was provided. The City Police logged only one case of housebreaking after items worth N$54,771 were stolen from Afro Palls store in the southern industry area of Windhoek. City Police spokesperson Edmund Khoaseb said the suspects stole 10 prime solar modules, one B1 direction invertor and 12 big cycle batteries. He said the suspects broke a precast wall at the back of the building to gain entry to the yard and then cut the burglar and wooden door open to get into the house. The suspects further disconnected and disabled the alarm system before proceeding to steal the rob the place.
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