• September 21st, 2018
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FNB and Pick and Pay team up for competition

Staff Reporter Windhoek-In its latest competition, FNB Namibia and Pick ‘n Pay Namibia partner to educate Namibians on the advantageous use of swiping credit or debit cards for purchases, while at the same time creating a lot of fun and a value-add with the $5000 trolley dash. “Swipe with your FNB Debit or Credit card to stand a chance to win two Trolley Dashes worth N$5000 monthly. Also up for grabs are four fuel vouchers, worth N$500 every month,” said communications manager at FNB Namibia Elzita Beukes. Beukes added that there were numerous advantages to using a debit card such as the fact that it is easy to obtain, convenient, safe as you do not have to carry cash and it is readily accepted everywhere. When it comes to the credit card, this is also a fantastic way to pay and purchase goods and services. “Using your credit card daily can be beneficial, but you need to exercise financial discipline and you can capitalise on the added perks that your credit card offers.” She further said once people paid off the full credit card balance every month, they would not pay interest and this means that customers can use their credit card to fund their monthly expenses. “Your credit card gives you up to 55 days’ interest free and paying it off monthly will ensure you don’t incur interest. Credit cards are widely accepted and this means they can be swiped for even the smallest item. All these transactions are recorded on one statement, which, from a budgeting point of view is one of the best ways to manage finances. “The budget facility on the credit card is also a great tool that can be used when one needs extra funds to buy an item. This could be viewed as a short-term loan and once paid off – the facility remained,” added Elzita. “We thank Pick ‘n Pay Namibia for partnering with us again – N$ 5000 is a lot of money and in today’s tough times I am sure everyone wishes for this great opportunity. The fuel vouchers are also sure to come in handy and will be issued in the town where the winner lives. Customers can swipe anywhere, anytime and will be automatically entered into the draw. “At the same time we also wish to caution our customers again to guard their cards and keep them safe at all times. If you lose your debit card, notify your financial institution immediately. Choose a PIN number that only you know. “It is recommended, you don’t use your phone number or birthday. Guard your PIN number. Memorise it and never write it on anything you keep with you. Keep receipts from all your debit card transactions for your records. Review your statements immediately and investigate any unknown transactions.”
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