• September 24th, 2018
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Another baby drowns in water bucket

John Muyamba Rundu-An 11-month-old girl drownedon Saturday in a bucketful of water at Tara-Tara village in Ndiyona Constituency in Kavango East. It’s mother had left the baby fast asleep in a hut as she went to relieve herself in nearby bushes. The baby was found dead in a half-filled container that was next to the bed where she appears to have fallen. “The incident happened at about 17h00 at Tara-Tara village and the deceased baby girl was identified as Napemba Kapusa. Her body was transported to Rundu State Hospital mortuary for a post-mortem to be done on Tuesday,” said Kavango East Police Deputy Commissioner Willie Bampton, who confirmed the incident to New Era. Last month a 10-month-old boy also drowned in a bucketful of water in the same Constituency, but at Rucara village, a village in the Ndiyona district of Ndiyona Constituency, Kavango East. It was reported in the case that while his parents were weeding their mahangu field near their homestead, the baby was left playing with other children at the homestead, in a traditional hut, which the family used as a kitchen and the baby fell into a bucket of water wherein he drowned. When the elders came home they found their infant son, Tjangano Likuwa, in the water bucket.
2017-03-28 12:02:51 1 years ago
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