• October 19th, 2018
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Oshana police arrest robbery suspects

Loide Jason Ondangwa-The Oshana regional police on Wednesday morning arrested a number of suspects implicated in different robberies, one of which involved a businesswoman being robbed of N$107 000. Deputy Commissioner Hilma Haipumbu, the regional investigations coordinator, said the businesswoman who sells meat was robbed of N$107 000 while she was in a taxi. The deputy commissioner said the woman sells meat at Oshakati open market and boarded a taxi to her house at Omahenene but the taxi driver drove in a different direction and stopped to pick up a male passenger. “After a short time the male passenger held her at knifepoint and grabbed her bag. Both then pushed her out of the taxi and they sped off,” said Haipumbu. Haipumbu said the victim rushed to the police station where she opened a case and while accompanying the police in an operation the woman identified one of the suspects who was in a different car. He was found with N$20 000 on his person. “The suspect also had with him an unlicensed shotgun while two other occupants in the car were found with knives. All three suspects were arrested on the spot,” said Haipumbu. In another incident, the police stopped a car used as a getaway in a robbery that took place at a mini market. During the operation they opened fire on one of the suspects who tried to flee. Three men were involved in the robbery one of whom is on the run, while the other one is in hospital and one is in custody. The injured suspect was admitted to Onandjokwe hospital where he is under police guard. His condition was described as stable. In the mini market robbery the suspects stole groceries, a microwave, alcohol and soft drinks valued at N$12 000. The owner of the mini market Johannes Eelu said the criminals also got away with hard cash that is yet to be recovered. The police set up a roadblock and spotted the getaway car. The car was fully packed with all the goods stolen but only one suspect was apprehended on the spot. In another incident, the driver of a Toyota Corolla was arrested after being found with goods that were stolen at a flat in Oluno in Ondangwa. A microwave, handbag and blanket were recovered.
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