• October 17th, 2018
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Cops will not tolerate unruly drivers

Eveline de Klerk Swakopmund Coastal taxi drivers especially those operating between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay and within the boundaries of Swakopmund have been told to be on their best behaviour during the Easter weekend. Swakopmund traffic officer Bennet Kheibeb said hordes of people from all 14 regions are expected to attend the prestigious Newspaper Cup over the Easter weekend and ill behaviour particularly from taxi drivers and others will not be allowed. “Dress up and behave like business people as that is what you are. Treat your clients with respect and refrain from pulling and grabbing them,” he said at a meeting with taxi drivers in Swakopmund. He explained to taxi drivers and owners that all eyes will be on Swakopmund during the weekend and that it is of utmost importance for them, the taxi drivers, to behave and operate in an orderly manner to leave a good lasting impression. “Please clean your cars, drive and remain at the required speed limit, be cautious and treat all clients with dignity and respect,” he said. Kheibeb also appealed to taxi drivers operating between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund to refrain from “grabbing commuters or pulling them” to their cars. “Let us queue up as we are required and load commuters according to the queue to avoid chaos, and also consider other road users, as driving or acting recklessly endangers everybody on the road.” He said taxi drivers should furthermore refrain from letting youngsters drive their taxis at night and he urged all taxi drivers to rather pull off the road and have some rest. He added that they should ensure that they drop off commuters at clearly marked drop-off zones rather than dropping them at stop signs and at traffic lights. “If we catch you, you will be fined N$1 000 while you were only paid N$10 by the commuter,” he sternly warned taxi drivers. Meanwhile, Erongo regional governor Cleophas Mutjavikua said Erongo has a proven record of regularly hosting major events, with the necessary infrastructure already in place for a competitions such as The Newspaper Cup. He said coastal roads are already congested especially between Karibib and Walvis Bay and all road users should adhere to the required speed limit or to even drive slower than they usually do. “The traffic flow will be heavy and we are expecting all residents and visitors to be extra cautious and drive safely during the Easter long weekend. We are appealing to each and every motorist that will be driving to the coast to remain vigilant and refrain from speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol as well as reckless and negligent driving,” he said.
2017-04-13 13:01:19 1 years ago
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