• October 19th, 2018
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Shooting from the hip: NRU’s silence on Kwaaikie’s racial slur amounts to condonation


There is a damn strong long-held belief that social loafing does not occur solely in physical performance, but it’s a naked reality that some people tend to slack off mentally too. Social loafing has interesting implications because in groups people tend to hold back not only in terms of participation but also in terms of accountability. In essence, nobody is prepared to take the rap for the misdeeds or poor decisions of their subjects. A glaring example is the Namibian Rugby Union’s (NRU) systematically defined tortoise-paced approach towards rooting out the ills of racism evidently prevalent in her midst. Seriously, the powers that be at Lichtenstein-Strasse, headquarters of Namibian rugby, must put their feet up completely and deal with the ‘Kwaaikie’ racial slur in a transparent, acceptable and matured manner. Quite simply, social loafing is an unintentional form of cheating of which we are all guilty even if it takes place unconsciously, just as it’s the case with the NRU’s puzzling reluctance, or rather unwillingness of the men in blue suits at the rugby union to deal with this nauseating debacle. Interestingly, yours truly zoomed into a recorded version of the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) weekly sports feature ‘Brutal Rugby’ last weekend. The focal topic of discussion was the prolonged racial accusations levelled against Wanderers flanker, one Theo ‘Kwaaikie’ Coetzee. The union’s acting chief executive officer (CEO) Elizma Theron let it slip that the NRU has drafted a letter of apology to the South African Rugby Union (SARU). By her own admission, this was apparently done to apologize on the much-publicized racial slur directed against a darkish hide South African player Patrick Mulamba during a provincial club champions Gold Cup match in Windhoek last year. Kwaaikie is alleged to have unleashed a tirade of unprintable words towards his opponent, rechristening the unsuspected poor dude a ‘swart bobejaan’ (black baboon) in his native Afrikaans lingo. It has never been my beat to take a swipe at fellow scribes, but yours truly has to admit that there was indeed a slight element of poor journalism by the interviewer. My learned colleague completely missed an ideal opportunity to put the interviewee (Theron) on the spot when she boasted that NRU has already tendered an apology to SARU. HELLO !!! Is this not the very same madam who a few seconds earlier, on the same platform, claimed that NRU is yet to be officially briefed about this marathon incident, adding that formal charges are yet to be laid against the perpetrator over the much-publicized racial slur? Now the fundamental question that needs to be addressed is – what did NRU then apologize for if due process has not been completed? I’m just asking. In any organized sports structures, notably in rugby, athletes are generally cited for violating the rules governing the game even in cases where on-the-field incidents have not been seen or recorded by match officials. Subsequently, offenders would be dealt with introspectively in the most appropriate manner. Would yours truly then stand accused of gross ignorance and sheer stupidity to conclude that NRU would in all likelihood not raise a finger if somebody is stamped to death on the field until such time formal charges are laid against the culprit? I’m just asking. It’s now my humble plea to the toothless Namibia Sports Commission to demand answers and if need be, drastic action from the self-styled untouchable NRU and bring closure to this matter. I rest my case.
2017-04-13 13:17:27 1 years ago
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