• November 21st, 2018
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Oshana SPYL split over AR activist

Nuusita Ashipala Ongwediva Some Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) members claim there is a plot under way to oust newly elected Oshakati West District treasurer Paulus Paulus, known to be a vocal Affirmative Reposition (AR) activist. Paulus was elected as district treasurer at a district conference held a week ago at the town, but Oshana SPYL secretary Matilde Nakwedhi says plans to nullify the results are in motion. She said the conference fell short of a quorum to hold the elections – something other SPYL members disputed. Nakwedhi’s statement is contrary to a press release issued briefly after the conference by the district secretary Hofeni Mutota that stated the elections were free and fair. According to a source familiar with the goings-on within the youth league, the allegations made by Nakwedhi are devoid of any truth, as 11 branches of the 18 functional branches in the district were represented at the conference. The other four branches were excluded from the quorum count, as they were dysfunctional and had not had any leadership for some time. The plot to nullify the result will foreshadow the restructuring of the district structure, apparently to ensure that the AR activist does not score a place in the leadership. Nakwedhi, who is said to be at the centre of the dispute, has denied accusations of blocking Paulus from attending a leadership meeting at the town over the weekend, addressed by acting SPYL secretary Veikko Nekundi. “We did not prevent anyone from attending the meeting. That was a leadership meeting and some of those new elected leaders have not been welcomed into the leadership of the region yet,” Nakwedhi said. She said once a new leader is elected they are welcomed by the regional leadership before they can assume any official duties, which had not been done as her office was not yet done with holding conferences at various districts. Those in attendance, however, said new leaders from other districts were allowed to attend the meeting. Paulus Paulus confirmed that Nakwedhi had sent several messengers before confronting him to excuse himself from the meeting. “I had no problem leaving the meeting. I just wanted to know why, but they failed to give me a reason until they locked me out after I left the building to attend to a call,” Paulus said. A note written by an anonymous source to SPYL members in Oshana Region is circulating on social media, calling for Paulus’ candidacy to be withdrawn from the SPYL district leadership. In a further twist to the tale, some of those in the leadership of Oshana SPYL claimed they were not even aware of a leadership meeting at the town over the past weekend.
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2017-04-19 09:37:55 1 years ago

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