• October 17th, 2018
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Poor service could fuel revolt, warns Hausiku


Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop Rector of the Swapo Party School Marco Hausiku warned party members at Keetmanshoop yesterday that poor service delivery could result in people revolting against the government. Speaking during the party school outreach programme here yesterday, the day the party turned 57 years, Hausiku stressed the need for those entrusted with certain positions to ensure effective and people-centred service delivery, saying that failure to do so could result in social strife. He said it is a sad reality that many of those in positions today only think of how to make money for themselves instead of how to serve the masses, a situation he said is worrisome and needs to be rectified. “The first thing we think of when we get into office is how to get money – this is our mindset now and you can deny it, but it is happening all over,” he said. He urged members to strive, with the help of the party school, to change such mindsets, so that leaders start thinking about the masses first, adding that the moment you have a country with a mentality of me first and you second, then that country is not far from destruction. Hausiku said leaders should put their people first before themselves, and he urged all leaders to have a mindset of “other people first, myself second”, as he further warned the regional leaders present that if mindsets are not changed soon people will get fed up and kick them out of leadership positions. “People-centred service delivery is important, and no matter how long it will take, people will revolt against bad service,” he said, adding: “If there is bad service then do not complain when you lose elections.” The former deputy prime minister and teacher also warned party members to refrain from forming cliques, especially as the party congress draws near, saying no Swapo member should be part of any cliques. He further called on members to guard against making destructive statements and behaving in an disorderly manner, saying those that do so should rather say goodbye to the party.
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