• October 24th, 2018
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Geingob engages NUST graduates

Education, National
Education, National

Staff Reporter Windhoek President Hage Geingob yesterday stressed that for Namibia to develop, its citizens should become more innovative, technologically advanced and embrace science and research in a more applied manner. “Human capital must be at the centre of our drive to become an industrialised nation by 2030. That is why we continue to spend the bulk of our resources in the education sector,” Geingob said at the graduation ceremony of the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST). Geingob expressed confidence that the graduates’ training and learning experience at the university was a time of discovery and self-development. “We believe you have developed your intellect to analyse complex ideas and think ahead, innovate and lead people and institutions in a multi-cultural environment,” said Geingob. He added that thinking ahead, creativity, technology, entrepreneurship and innovation are the future. “These are important facts that should be easily recognizable as benchmarks of educated persons.” He said there is an imposing responsibility on all public officials and citizens to address the country’s state of being. “In our quest for shared prosperity, our human development index and capacity should be at a higher level. In other words, we need educated Namibians to drive development and maintain our development at higher levels at all times,” said Geingob. Geingob further said that the 21st century requires leaders who can clearly understand the changing international environment, can learn new ways of solving problems and are willing to embrace diversity. The development strategies deployed in more advanced economies demonstrate the importance of higher education in promoting growth, said Geingob. “Their success stories have been the result of investments in education, technology and production methods which were adapted and improved upon by well-educated people,” Geingob said. Geingob, who urged the graduates to be highly efficient and productive citizens, added: “A rapid growth of labour-intensive manufacturing was made possible with highly trained individuals to put in place the structures to achieve greater productivity.” The government has since independence had the mission to bring about a more equitable society, he said. “A society in which every Namibian is able to enjoy peace, protected by the law. A society in which every Namibian has access to opportunities to pursue their education.” Furthermore, he noted that small businesses are competing in markets once reserved only for powerful corporations. The country’s hopes are being realised through education, he stated. “Education is becoming more relevant now because there are many changes in the world,” said the president.
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