• September 18th, 2018
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Oonte OVC organisation benefits from technology

Staff Reporter Windhoek The FNB Namibia Foundation Trust handed over computers and the Computer 4 Kids e-learner ICT programme to the Oonte OVC organisation, valued at N$150 000, on Monday. “It gives us great pleasure to be able to assist these youngsters who are our future leaders; they are our future scientists, doctors, lecturers, etc. The importance of education and acquiring of critical skills has increased over the years. The use of technology is at the centre of this revolution, creating room for new forms of delivery of educational content through innovative teaching aids,” said Desderius S. Afunde, business manager, FNB Far North. Afunde said FNB Namibia has a responsibility to contribute to skills development in the nation for equitable prosperity and ensuring a sustainably inclusive economy. “The ICT sector is regarded by government as one of the game changers which can ensure inclusive access to scarce resources of this country. ICT will continue to transform economic and social activities, and how individuals and communities communicate and function. The action we are taking today can therefore be seen as one of the critical steps towards ensuring increased uptake and usage of ICT.” Meme Shiimi, founder and director of Oonte, thanked the FNB Namibia Foundation Trust on behalf of her organisation and 610 children: “We provide educational support as one of our seven services. Thus, we have introduced a basic after school ICT skills training called Oonte Computer 4 Kids e-learner programme. It covers our Namibian school content and ICT skills aimed at improving our children’s academic level. The introduction of computers in Oonte makes a huge difference to the children who mainly come from disadvantaged and less privileged communities. The value of computer learning and making a computer a basic part of a child’s education is that it makes learning all subjects easier and they are especially valuable in developing language and problem solving skills,” said Meme Shiimi.
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