• October 17th, 2018
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‘Students should avoid becoming part of unemployment statistics’

John Muyamba Rundu Former President Hifikepunye Pohamba has urged University of Namibia (Unam) graduates to start up their own businesses and avoid becoming unemployment statistics. “Dear graduates, as you complete this chapter of your lives, I urge you to face the next phase of your careers with confidence and positivity. Work hard to market yourselves and establish ventures that will generate income for yourselves – through determination you should avoid becoming part of unemployment statistics, while you hold academic qualifications,” said the outgoing Unam chancellor. Pohamba made the remarks in his statement he delivered at the graduation ceremony at Unam Rundu campus last Thursday where 231 students graduated with bachelor, honours and master’s degrees, diplomas and post-graduate diplomas and tertiary certificates. “I believe it is very important for you too to start thinking along the lines of entrepreneurship and create wealth for yourselves. Don’t wait for government to give you jobs. Create your own and become employers and create more employment,” noted the former president. Pohamba called upon graduates to look into the idea of creating businesses, saying a country that does not have businesses has a future that is not okay – “and we want you to have the future of this country, run by the citizens of this country in good hands. If we don’t do that we will be a nation of beggars.” Pohamba said the government has made very conducive arrangements and has created financial institutions where if graduates want to start a business they can go and get a loan – “and with that you start your business. Dear graduates the journey does not end here. It is a lifelong struggle. Remain determined and focussed in all that you do.  Congratulations and the best of luck to all of you.” The graduates included 161 students from the Faculty of Education, and 27 from the Faculty of Economic and Management Science. Some of the graduates are those that did their studies through distance learning, bringing the total number to 231 from different disciplines that cover education, economics and management sciences, health sciences, nursing, humanities and social sciences.
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