• October 24th, 2018
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The expression of unity in today’s Namibia

Namibians, we are very fortunate to be surrounded with such natural beauty/ richness, and one of the most peaceful countries on the African continent. Emphasis on strengthening our conscious mind could help us to appreciate our Namibia better. There should be no excuse not to fight for and promote peace and stability in our community, within the essence of supporting social and economic development. The emergence of unity is non-existent due to political differences/beliefs/power hunger and more. Realistically speaking, conflict will always erupt, and nationalism is needed to reconcile diversity for the development of Namibia. It would be rude for me to continue without acknowledging my greatest role model of all time. I hereby give my utmost respect to my wonderful uncle, whom I referred to as “Daddy Mose” our Dr Mose Tjitendero, the first speaker of the National Assembly, who equally fought for liberation with our current leaders, and those who are in heaven. In my young adulthood, being brought up in so much privilege, reminded me of the importance of education, unity and success. Indeed, it will always be my greatest take from the late Dr Tjitendero. Moving forward, can any leader ever satisfy all the needs of the Namibian community or for that matter do their best in the service of their country? To answer that, as Namibians we need to realise that we never had a leader who openly proposed ideas or sought input from the community at large. As much as we all want our ideas to be translated into reality, we need to get over that, but rather look for the most strategic plan that can benefit the community. The commencement of Namibian solidarity is within our hands. There are so many countries faced with fascism, such as Zimbabwe, the USA under Trump administration and many more. Therefore, we have so much we should be grateful for. For one, the need to advocate for eradicating poverty, and stabilising Namibia’s social and economic development should be our main focus. Nevertheless, we should not be trapped or indulge in turbulences but rather promote moral rectitude regardless of any existing tribulations. Whatever approach or policy our president introduces it does not seem to resonate with the community because of “your/our” mindset(s). In consideration of this, we should remember 100% perfection does not exist, or else the world would be boring. However, it takes effort and support to promote success. Our passion for sustaining socio-economic development is derived from our knowledge, and the willingness to strategize it and not stay stuck in the heat of intellectual opinion. To conclude, it would be wise to extricate ourselves from impractical debate in favour of unity and stability configurations. Karikuta Kaumunika Atlanta, GA, USA
2017-05-05 11:35:23 1 years ago
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