• October 19th, 2018
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Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation

Query: Minister of Education, please come to our rescue - we, the trainees of WVTC are tired of going to the centre every day for our Level 3 supplementary results. What is wrong with the NTA? Stop giving us an X, as our marks… and give us our marks, as they are supposed to be. That X must fall, please!” Response: The ministry and NTA welcome the reader’s queries. Trainees from NIMT and NamPower are doing theoretical assessments in South Africa (N-courses), and only practical assessment with the NTA. In some instances, trainees - mainly from NIMT - will join WVTC and would be prepared for practical assessment accordingly. However, some of these trainees may have outstanding theoretical assessment results, but would be allowed to undertake practical assessments, as per readiness since they are not writing any theoretical assessment with NTA. WVTC will then record the pending results as “X” and forward these to the NTA Assessment & Certification Division (ACD). If no update is received from WVTC on the latest status of these, the ACD will enter only the practical outcomes and issue the results by maintaining “X”. This is completely out of the control of the ACD, unless the candidates with unconfirmed theoretical results are not allowed to undertake practical assessment. Affected trainees are encouraged to approach WVTC’s head of training, Doris Nangolo during office hours, or via telephone at 061-211742, or e-mail at dnangolo@wvtc.edu.com. The NTA apologises for any inconvenience in this regard. Query: NTA, why are you waiting for students to go on strike? We need our statements please. Some of us have to go for further studies at the beginning of this year and others need statements to give to employers, as our contracts have expired already, so we will lose our jobs. Even DNEA, with more students than NTA gives out statements in January already, without any mistakes. Now you make us wait for five months and the statements come with mistakes on them. AND Query: NTA, we can’t wait for five to six months like we are waiting for certificates. Just put yourselves in our shoes, NTA staff. We also have families to feed. Response: The NTA welcomes the readers’ queries. To safeguard the integrity of its overall certification system, the NTA employs an admittedly time-consuming, but rigorous and thorough results and statement verification and printing process. We are in the process of implementing measures to speed up the overall process and encourage trainees affected by outstanding statements and certificates to approach the manager of assessment and certification, Mariane Hara-Gaes during office hours at 061-2078 210, or via e-mail at results@nta.com.na Helena Udjombala, public relations officer, Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, E-mail: Public.Relations@mheti.gov.na
2017-05-16 12:36:22 1 years ago
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