• September 23rd, 2018
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Defrauded pensioner wants justice

Obrein Simasiku Onankali-A pensioner who was defrauded of N$27 000 by two female employees of Namibia Post Ltd (NamPost) at Onankali between February and March wants to open up a criminal case after rejecting the duo’s offer to repay back the money. After confessing to the crime the two had by yesterday afternoon deposited the money back into the pensioner’s account, but Hilma Mwalwa said she wants the two female employees of NamPost to face the full wrath of the law. Hence her determination to pursue a criminal case so that they dance to the music of their own making. “What if they have been doing this to others as well? It might be their game so I cannot just let them off like that. They will have to be exposed – but I will let the law take its course,” said an angry Mwalwa. On February 20 the two thieves had withdrawn N$9 000 from the victim’s account and on March 7 they withdrew N$18 000. Mwalwa had not withdrawn money from the account since February, so she only noticed that money was missing last week after she withdrew N$600. She realised the balance wasn’t corresponding to the previous one. It was upon inquiry that she established the two tellers had on two previous occasions withdrew money from her account without her knowledge. Upon inquiry from the tellers they conceded that they indeed withdrew the money from her account, although they attributed this to a so-called “system error”. ‘Yes it is us who took the money, and we will pay it back,’ admitted one. “We allege the two had planned the act, as the senior employee instructed her junior to execute the act. They know about this deal, so now they will have to be charged because this is a criminal offence,” said one official who investigated the complaint. Ironically the money which the duo paid back also came from a NamPost employee who is stationed at Omuthiya branch, something which raised suspicion whether she was also part of the plot. But this could have not be verified as by the time of going to print NamPost officials were still investigating the matter. “They used to be so good to me – whenever I came here I got special treatment and we were just getting along well. They would sometimes call me to hear how I am doing and in some instances buy me some stuff, but now I am just shocked to note that their kindness was aimed at something,” Mwalwa said.
2017-05-19 10:44:42 1 years ago
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